ALABAMA – Governor Signs Interconnection Bill (up to 100 kW)

On May 8, 2008, Governor Bob Riley enacted a bill (H.B. 234) called the Alternative and Renewable Energy Act. This bill would permit small distributed generators up to 100 kW to interconnect to a utility, but receive no more than the utility’s avoided cost for power fed back to the grid.

On April 24, 2008, the Alabama Public Service Commission held a public workshop regarding the adoption of the federal IC/NM standards (see Order dated March 19, 2008, Docket # 30066.) However, the order also stated that these standards will not be adopted at this time. The PSC held the workshop because it received conflicting commentary from Alabama Power, a Southern Company which opposes the standards in favor of its existing IC/NM tariffs, and many other interested parties who favor the standards. The PSC also cited the need to await the enactment of the bill discussed above.


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