CPUC Approves 1,500 MW Wind Power Contract

On May 15, 2008, the California Public Utilities Commission approved one of the largest wind power contracts in the United States. The contract is between Southern California Edison (SCE) and Alta Wind Power Development. Alta will develop this project in the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area in stages—beginning with 250 MW in 2010 and increasing by 250 MW annually until a minimum of 1,500 MW or a maximum of 1,550 MW is achieved.

Once this facility is completed, it will provide slightly less than half of what California needs to meet its stringent RPS. This facility will be dependent upon two large-scale transmission projects which SCE is currently working on. Construction has already begun on the Antelope Transmission Project, and the SCE hopes that the PUC will approve the Tehacachapi Renewable Transmission Project during 2009.


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