CVPS Plans $500,000 for Renewable Energy Projects

Using money derived from the State’s Clean Energy Development Fund, Central Vermont Public Service is proposing to allocate $500,000 to these projects:

  • A 50-kilowatt solar station in Rutland Town with 275 15-foot solar panels

  • A study to determine whether manure fuel pellets can be used for energy

  • A study to determine the energy value of weeds and algae taken from Lake Champlain
  • Alleviation of transmission problems along the CVPS Southern Loop
  • Partnership

    with Stafford Technical, Vermont Technical and the International

    Brotherhood of Electric Workers to provide workforce renewables training

  • Support for renewable energy education
  • Continued support for the Vermont Solar and Small Wind Incentive Program

Source: Rutland Herald

July 17, 2008


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