Agenda for IREC’s Annual Meeting Now Set

The Agenda for IREC’s 26th Annual Meeting on Monday, October 13, 2008 in San Diego, CA as part of the Solar Power ’08 Conference is now available.

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This year, IREC is aligning its annual meeting with the Conference’s workshop schedule. If you’re an IREC member in good standing, or a speaker on our agenda, or a Solar America City representative, click here to register. If you’re planning on attending any of Solar Power 2008 events, including IREC’s Annual Meeting, click here to register.

IREC’s 2008 Annual Meeting will pay special attention to key topics and issues for IREC members, state stakeholders and the industry. There will be an in-depth discussion on interconnection and net metering; the effectiveness of different state policies and best practices. A presentation will focus on state incentives, how they are performing and what are the new developments. There will also be an update on market trends for solar installations. Updates and perspectives will be shared on the programs underway on certification for hardware, practitioners, and training programs. Discussion will also deal with new ideas and models in educating the renewable energy workforce. States will be invited to give their assessment on how renewable energy markets are taking shape in their states. And, there will be speakers from national programs with updates on programs and initiatives.

This meeting offers a good opportunity to network with state and local groups.

IREC’s Annual Updates & Trends Report will be distributed and the winners of the IREC Innovation and Special Recognition Awards will be announced. Attendance is expected to surpass last year’s 12,000 attendees. Some of the conference hotels have already sold out.

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