PENNSYLVANIA – PUC Issues Net Metering Order

The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission’s new, final net metering rules become effective with a posting to the Pennsylvania Bulletin. The rule expands the eligible capacity of non-residential net metered systems from 1 MW to 3 MW, while maintaining the residential limit at 50 kW. The final order can be viewed in Docket L-00050174, in a postdated entry marked May 22, 2008. The net metering payment is to be credited at the full retail rate, with excess credits remaining at the end of each annualized period to be paid out at the utility’s weighted average annual “price-to-compare” (which includes only the generation and transmission components of the retail rate.) The weighted average rates will reflect the rates in effect when the customer-owned generator delivered power to the grid. This action is in compliance with the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act (HB 1203, Act 35 of July 2007.)

Additionally, the August 2, 2008 Pennsylvania Bulletin contains the PUC’s proposed rule regarding the application fees for four levels of distributed generation interconnection requests. (also see PUC Docket M-00051865, however, please note that this docket is not easily searchable). With a few minor exceptions, these rules follow what is currently being used in New Jersey. The PUC accepted commentary on this proposal for 30 days after its posting to the PA Bulletin.


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