DELAWARE – PSC Issues Final Net Metering Order

The Delaware PSC, on September 2, 2008 issued a final order of net metering rules, which were posted to the October 2008 Register (pg. 518). These rules were in keeping with legislative bills S.B. 8 of 2007 and S.B. 193 of 2008. Senate Bill 8 increased the net-metering capacity limit for non-residential facilities to 2 MW for Delmarva Power and Light, 500 kW for Delaware Electric Coop (DEC), and 500 kW for municipal utilities. The rules also allow all net-metering customers to carry over excess energy credits monthly, for up to a year, at which point all unused credits will be forfeited to utilities. Utilities will be required to put any unused credits toward funding for low-income energy assistance programs. The rules also indicate that generation should be sized to meet existing customer demand. Interestingly, the PSC rules do not apply to DEC or to municipal utilities but the provisions in S.B. 8 still apply. These rules are effective beginning October 10, 2008.


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