IREC’s 2008 Updates and Trends Report

IREC’s Annual Updates & Trends publication provides updates on and trend analysis of significant renewable-energy policy developments in the United States. The IREC Project Team and the DSIRE Staff prepares the report.

Rusty Haynes, Justin Barnes, Brian Lips and Laurel Varnado from the DSIRE Staff write about major state policy developments that occurred between September 2007 and September 2008. In 2007-08, a handful of states – Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania – stood out among others by establishing robust policies designed to promote in-state renewable-energy growth. This section discusses the “All-Star Cast” of states, as well as policies adopted by other states.

Larry Sherwood discusses Solar Installation Trends. This section provides data on U.S. solar installations by technology, state, and market sector.

Jason Keyes, Kevin Fox and Michael Sheehan write about state utility commission rulemakings involving net metering and interconnection of renewable energy systems. In the twelve months through August, 2008, IREC was active in the development of interconnection rules in New Mexico, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Utah and to a lesser extent, Maryland, South Dakota and the District of Columbia. For net metering, IREC was active in rulemakings in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Nevada, Virginia and Texas.

And Jane Weissman discusses the trends and challenges in workforce development and training. She focuses on four major trends and the results of a training needs assessment. Updates are also included on national credentialing programs.

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