NEW JERSEY – Proposes Amendments to Net Metering Policy

On September 10, 2008 the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) published proposed amendments to its net metering rules which would allow net metered customers to choose their annualized billing period. Current rules require the annualized period to begin the first full month after the customer interconnects with the utility. The proposed rules also allow the utility to assign a default start date if the customer doesn’t choose one and to grant customers’ requests for a change of annualized period. These changes are intended to correct an imbalance which produces random differences in levels of credit for excess generation among different customer-generators. In other words, a customer-generator that is unlucky enough to interconnect at the wrong time of year may gain less for their excess energy than a customer-generator with a more favorable annualized period. The official version of these proposed rules will be published in the October 6 New Jersey Register. The BPU will receive comments through December 5, 2008.


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