Small Wind and the National Electrical Code

Robert Preus of Abundant Renewable Energy and Rob Wills of have been appointed to the National Electrical Code, Code Making Panel #4. This panel votes on changes to Articles 690, 692, and 705.

“The small-wind industry is seeing a dramatic growth in sales due to high energy prices and increasing environmental awareness.” Said Rob Wills. Turbine installers are discovering that the absence of a small-wind section in the National Electrical Code (NEC) often makes their job more difficult. Small wind systems have special installation requirements for grounding, wiring and circuit protection. All of these will be covered in the proposed new NEC article.”

Robert Preus and Rob Wills co-chair a working group developing a small wind article for the NEC. Ian Barring-Gould from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is the secretary of this working group. The current draft of the proposed new article is posted here. At this site, you can also sign-up to join this working group.

Source: Rob Wills


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