November 2008 IREC “Connecting to the Grid” Newsletter

Editor:  Laurel Varnado

NC Solar Center, NC State University


The Connecting to the Grid newsletter is published electronically every month by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) and the North Carolina Solar Center at North Carolina State University.  This is a free publication.  Click here to subscribe.


While net metering and interconnection below the 20 MW level are primarily state issues, they are also becoming important on a regional basis.    This newsletter has been designed to capture any subtle, emerging regional trends.  The state news is presented in geographic categories, primarily because the standard NERC and/or RTO/ISO regions do not always align with state boundaries. Please direct comments and questions about the newsletter to Laurel at

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Note from the Editor

Region-by-Region Recap

Northeast States

Maine – PUC issues Draft Report on net billing

Massachusetts – DPU holds technical conference on net metering

New York – DPS releases updated draft Standard Interconnection Requirement (SIR)

Mid-Atlantic States

New Jersey – OCE continues discussion on community net metering

Virginia – SCC issues staff report on interconnection

Midwestern States

Kentucky – PSC staff discuss net metering guidelines

Michigan – PSC opens net metering docket

Missouri – PSC amends net metering rules, voters approve an RPS

Ohio – PUC issues order finalizing net metering rules

South Dakota – PUC opens docket to consider EISA ’07 PURPA standards

Southern States

North Carolina – PUC continues to consider net metering changes

Louisiana – Lafayette City-Parish Council approves net metering ordinance

Western States

Arizona – ACC finalizes net metering rules

California – PUC allows virtual net metering for MASH program

Other States

Alaska – RCA staff submit net metering proposal

Hawaii – Utilities, government sign agreement to phase out net metering in favor of a feed-in-tariff

Miscellaneous News

California PUC to Allow RPS Compliance via Use of Unbundled RECs

NY Increases Funding for RPS

Gainesville to Offer FIT

Policy Reports Released

Smart Grid Research Center AnnouncedConferences and Events

Region-by-Region Recap

In the Northeast, the Maine PUC issued a Draft Report on the status of the state’s net billing policy and issued provisional rules relating to shared net billing arrangements.  Massachusetts DPU held a technical conference regarding the net metering provisions of the Green Communities Act.  In New York, DPS Staff distributed an updated draft Standard Interconnection Requirement that incorporates comments received during the recent informal commenting process.

In the Mid-Atlantic, New Jersey continued its Community Solar Stakeholder process to include community solar provisions into the state’s net metering regulations.  Virginia SCC Staff issued a report and revised proposal in response to the comments that have been filed regarding the February 2008 proposed interconnection standard.

In the Midwest, the Missouri PSC amended its existing net metering and interconnection rules to align with S.B. 54, while the Michigan PSC opened a net metering docket. The Kentucky PSC discussed draft guidelines to implement the net metering provision of S.B. 83. The Ohio PUC also issued an order regarding the implementation of net metering under S.B. 221.

In the South, North Carolina continues to consider changes to its net metering policy and received comments on the external disconnect switch requirement.  Lafayette, Louisiana approved a net metering ordinance for the city’s municipal utility.

In the West, the Arizona Corporation Commission issued a final order regarding its proposed net metering rules. The California PUC approved virtual net metering for multi-tenant, low-income housing.

In Other States, the Alaska RCA staff presented a draft proposal for net metering that included a system size limit of 25 kW and an aggregate cap of 1% of annual peak demand.  The Hawaiian government and utilities struck an unprecedented accord regarding the future of renewable policy in the state.


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