2008 Best and Recommended Practices from IREC’s State & Stakeholder Newslsetters

Is it just me, or was 2008 a breathtaking year for solar?

First, there was the roar of a solar boom in the U.S., thanks to rising energy prices, strong consumer demand, and financial incentives from the federal government, lots of states and utilities. Then, more than 130 people showed up at IREC’s Annual Meeting in October in San Diego (we were expecting less—a lot less—due to financial constraints from states and local governments). And finally, at year’s end, despite distressing economics, came the passage of the eight-year extension of the ITC.

Still, despite the economic unease, a surfeit of tools and resources were produced that describe the experience and a path to success, even in this Age of Anxiety. Here’s the complete list of 2008 Best and Recommended Practices.

Austin Energy

Colleen Kettles on Solar Access Laws

Adam Browning and Gwen Rose on the Vote Solar Initiative

Behind the Net Metering/Interconnection Scene with Jason Keyes and Jason Fox

Renewable Energy Fairs

IREC’s 2008 Updates & Trends Report

Save the Date for the 2009 Workforce Development Conference

IREC’s Newest Report: Renewable Energy Training: Best Practices and Recommended Guidelines

Taking the Red Tape Out of Green Power

IREC’s 2008 Updates and Trends Report

CO & CT Reduce Incentive Levels; A sign of things to come?

Solar Showcase Named Texas Renewable Energy Project of the Year

TREIA Optimistic; Conference Attendees tell the Story

San Antonio’s City Public Service Energy Hosts Solar Practitioner Seminar


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