December 2008 IREC “Connecting to the Grid” Newsletter

Editor:  Laurel Varnado

NC Solar Center, NC State University


The Connecting to the Grid newsletter is published electronically every month by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) and the North Carolina Solar Center at North Carolina State University.  This is a free publication.  Click here to subscribe.


While net metering and interconnection below the 20 MW level are primarily state issues, they are also becoming important on a regional basis.    This newsletter has been designed to capture any subtle, emerging regional trends.  The state news is presented in geographic categories, primarily because the standard NERC and/or RTO/ISO regions do not always align with state boundaries. Please direct comments and questions about the newsletter to Laurel Varnado at

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Note from the Editor

Northeast States

Maine PUC recommends adopting standardized interconnection rules

Massachusetts DPU contemplates the rate structure of net metering credits

New Hampshire PUC opens net metering docket

New York’s ConEdison files proposed changes to its net metering tariff

Mid-Atlantic States

New Jersey Office of Clean Energy continues discussion on community net metering

Pennsylvania IRRC approves PUC’s final net metering rules, placing them into effect

Virginia SCC calls for comments on staff’s proposed interconnection rules

Midwestern States

Kentucky PSC Staff issue minor changes to proposed net metering order

Southern States

Texas PUC declines to adopt Phase II net metering order

Florida’s GRU announces more details about proposed Feed-in Tariff

Western States

Nevada PUC allows net metering for third party systems

California’s LADWP announces planning of Feed-in Tariff policy

Other States

Hawaii PUC opens an investigation of Feed-in Tariff regulation

Miscellaneous News

Governors Unite for Climate Change Conference

NGA Center to Help States Build Energy Strategies

Rhode Island PUC discusses Renewable Energy Contracts

TVA Issues RFP for Renewable, Clean Energy Power Supply

DOE Announces Wind Power Fact Sheets

CPUC Explores Deregulation of State’s Electricity Market

Conferences and Events

Region-by-Region Recap

In the Northeast, the Maine PUC issued a staff report that recommends adopting standardized interconnection rules, favoring the IREC model over FERC’s SGIP.  The Massachusetts DPU continued to contemplate the rate structure of net metering credits and whether utilities should be able to purchase excess credits. The New Hampshire PUC opened a net metering docket to explore amendments to the state’s net metering and interconnection policies. So far the PUC has adopted, as interim rules, the existing net metering rules until it can propose and adopt changes. ConEdison, the main utility provider for New York City and Westchester County, filed proposed changes to its net metering tariff which would eliminate a site study requirement for systems up to 200 kW.

In the Mid-Atlantic, the New Jersey Office of Clean Energy continued a discussion on community net metering and expects to have a report for the BPU in mid-December. The Pennsylvania Independent Regulatory Review Commission ruled that the PUC’s final net metering rules were consistent with legislative intent, thus placing them into effect. The Virginia SCC called for comments on staff’s proposed interconnection rules.

In the Midwest, the Kentucky PSC Staff issued minor changes to the proposed net metering order that had been previously agreed upon by intervenors and utilities.  The changes were predominantly for purposes of clarification and formatting.

In the South, the Texas PUC declined to adopt the Phase II net metering order, opting instead to revisit the policy and provide some legislative recommendations for the next meeting. Florida’s Gainesville Regional Utilities announced more details about their proposed Feed-in Tariff, announcing it would begin with a $0.26/kWh payment for grid-tied renewable energy systems. Jacksonville’s JEA is revising its net metering policy.

In the West, the Nevada PUC issued an order allowing net metering for third party systems and ruling that third party owners are not considered utilities. California’s Los Angeles Department of Water and Power announced the planning of a Feed-in Tariff for 150 MW of solar power by 2016. Governor Schwarzenegger also signed an Executive Order that reasserted California’s Renewable Portfolio Goal of 33% by 2020.

In Other States, the Hawaii PUC opened an investigation into the potential structure and regulation of a Feed-in Tariff as mandated by the recent Energy Agreement between the state and utilities.


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