MASSACHUSETTS Announces New Incentives

The Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust (MRET) announced new rebates for small wind installations. The previous MRET incentives were suspended this past spring.

Although the full guidelines will not be available until the week of January 19th, here is a brief summary of the primary changes:

  • Micro wind systems will be supported through a hybrid rebate structure:
    • Initial payment will be made upon system installation, and based on the rated capacity of the system at 11 meters per second (based on manufacturers supplied power curve)
    • MRET will make a payment based on the number of kWh produced by the system in its first year of operation. Customers will have the option to report production data for the second year of operation, and if production is greater than year 1, MRET will provide a rebate for the difference
  • MRET would require that all systems funded through the small wind program also install anemometry equipment and that customers/installers report wind speed and related data in order to be eligible for production payments
  • The new program will not have any adders

MTC intends to maintain their historic requirements and procedures, including requiring that all building permits are secure before making awards, continuing with the inspection all systems upon installation, and maintaining the “Crawl Before You Walk” policy for installers. The new program will be limited to systems less than or equal to 10 kW, based on the rated capacity at 11 meters per second. The funding cap will still be $50,000 per project.

Applications for the new program will be accepted starting on February 2nd, 2009.

This new program reflects MRET’s goal of incentivizing only the best projects in the best locations, and will ensure that its customers are well educated about the costs and benefits of micro wind.

For more information, contact:

Tyler Leeds

Project Manager, Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust

508.870.0312 x1273

Source: Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust


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