Solar Newsmakers: Interviews of 2008

As I review the 2008 interviewees, I’m amazed at the amount and diversity of activity in so many areas. I’m almost dizzy.

There were conversations about environmental education, green workforce development, renewable energy instructional development, smart utility grids, automatic metering, the spectacular growth of the solar industry. I’m astounded at the rock-star popularity of DSIRE, once the exclusive realm of renewable energy geeks, now the most accepted and oft quoted source for information about renewable energy incentives in the U.S. Is it any wonder I find myself saying almost daily to anyone who will listen how exquisite it feels to no longer be referred to as a Birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging curiosity at a social event. In fact, the renewable energy tent has gotten so large, we need name tags.

It’s not a complaint. I’m elated that this is happening in my lifetime.

To each of you who gave generously, willingly, of your highly valuable time to share the successes in your work, thanks. And to those of you who I didn’t get to in 2008, don’t worry. You’re on my list for 2009.

Here are the 2008 solar newsmaker interviewees.

The SEPA Utility Survey: A Conversation with Steven Letendre

Glen Kizer: Foundation for Environmental Education

Rusty Haynes, DSIRE

Brian Hurd, Hands-On Solar Workshop

Keith McAlister and a Recap of the 8/21 IREC Call Seminar on Smart Grid and AMI

Jane Weissman on Workforce Development: New Training Directory/Best Practices

Dr. Barbara Martin on Renewable Energy Instructional Development

IREC’s 2008 Innovation Award Winners

SEPA’s Julia Judd Hamm Talks with IREC About Solar Power International 2008


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