Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) Debuts New Web Feature: The Faces of Renewable Energy

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The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) debuted a new web feature, Faces of Renewable Energy, which profiles Americans across the country who are part of the nation’s burgeoning renewable energy industry. UCS’s Web feature shows that many Americans already are working in a wide range of high-wage green-collar jobs and that the sector holds great promise for generating jobs and cutting the pollution that causes global warming.

The feature offers an interactive map with brief profiles of 20 Americans working in the renewable energy industry. Each profile is accompanied by a photo and audio quote. UCS will periodically add more profiles to the feature.

Among the “faces” in this first installment are Olaf Roed, president of a Florida-based company producing wood pellets for coal-powered plants, which burn them to generate electricity and cut coal pollution; Sherry Phillips, the mayor of McCamey, Texas, who has played a key role in making her city the state’s “wind energy capital;” and Leon Bontrager, who started selling solar panels in Indiana 10 years ago.

Source: UCS News Center



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