AWEA Drafts Standard for Small Wind Turbines

A draft American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) certification standard for small wind turbines (up to ~ 65 kW) has been published and AWEA solicited comments from its members and other affected parties. Comments are due by February 28th (we realize this article will come to late for most to comment, but we wanted to update you on the progress of the standard).

The current draft is the result of hundreds of hours of work over five years by the AWEA Small Wind Turbine Standard subcommittee. The standard was developed by the small wind industry to provide consumers with more valuable performance information and with an independent check on the engineering behind the products.

The proposed standard sets AWEA Rated Annual Energy as the primary performance rating for a small wind turbine, standardizes the definition of Rated Power (taken at 11 m/s or 25 mph) so that consumers can better compare products, and establishes an AWEA Rated Sound Level. Test procedures are based on international standards (IEC 61400), with some revisions to tailor them to small wind turbines. There is a required 2,500 hour field duration test and prescribed engineering analyses relating to safety.

The standard will be used by independent certification agencies. AWEA will not certify wind turbines. AWEA anticipates that many states offering incentives for small wind systems will require certification once it is available. The Canadian Wind Energy Association has been involved from the beginning and it is likely that the standard will be adopted in Canada. British Wind Energy Association in the U.K. already adopted a standard, which is almost identical to the AWEA draft standard.

AWEA will now consider the comments it received and the AWEA Standards Coordinating Committee will consider final adoption of the standard.

Click here for the Draft Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard.

Source: American Wind Energy Association


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