D.C. PSC Adopts Interconnection Rules for Systems up to 10 MW

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – On February 6, the District of Columbia Public Service Commission (PSC), adopted rules published in the July 25, 2008 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, with editorial modifications. These modifications to the “District of Columbia Small Generator Interconnection Rules” (DCSGIR) appear to be minor in nature. The DCSGIR rules are similar to MADRI Model Small Generator Interconnection Procedures and apply to renewable facilities less than or equal to 10 MW in capacity which are not subject to interconnection requirements of PJM Interconnection. Under this interconnection procedure there are four review levels for systems: 1)10 kW and under; 2) 2 MW and under (connected to a radial distribution circuit or to a spot network serving one customer), 3) interconnected to area networks and radial distribution circuits where power is not to be exported (expedited review for systems 50 kW and under); 4) 10 MW and under that do not fall under levels 1-3.

The rules will become effective upon publication in the D.C. Register. See PSC Case # 1050 for the order.


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