February 2009 IREC “Connecting to the Grid” Newsletter

Editor:  Laurel Varnado

NC Solar Center, NC State University


The Connecting to the Grid newsletter is published electronically every month by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) and the North Carolina Solar Center at North Carolina State University.  This is a free publication.  Click here to subscribe.


While net metering and interconnection below the 20 MW level are primarily state issues, they are also becoming important on a regional basis.    This newsletter has been designed to capture any subtle, emerging regional trends.  The state news is presented in geographic categories, primarily because the standard NERC and/or RTO/ISO regions do not always align with state boundaries. Please direct comments and questions about the newsletter to Laurel Varnado at lavarnad@ncsu.edu.

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Note from the Editor

In compiling last month’s newsletter, I mentioned that insurance requirements for interconnection have been a key issue recently. Additional insurance requirements can be a burden to customer-generators by forestalling the interconnection process and adding unnecessary costs to the bottom line, increasing payback time.  In this issue, I would like to highlight how liability insurance requirements are addressed in state interconnection policies.  To provide a broad picture of current state requirements, I created a map (seen below or at this link) and classified states’ policies into several categories.  In doing so, I found that, among the 50 states (and D.C.):

• 12 do not require proof of insurance for net metering-eligible systems

• 10 do not specify any insurance requirements in the regulations

• 8 allow utilities to require proof of insurance, although not beyond what a “typical” customer would carry

• 3 have requirements for larger systems only, but smaller systems are exempt from additional insurance requirements

• 5 have tiered requirements for different size systems or customer classes (usually beyond what a typical customer would carry)

• The remaining 13 states do not have state-wide interconnection procedures

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Northeast States

Maine PUC adopts provisional rules for shared-system net metering

New Hampshire certifies interim rules for net metering

Rhode Island PUC approves National Grid’s net metering tariffs

Vermont PSB issues proposed rules for net metering

Mid-Atlantic States

D.C. PSC adopts interconnection rules for systems up to 10 MW

Midwestern States

Illinois ICC announced proposed order for large generator interconnections will be filed in March

Missouri PSC staff asks for amendment on insurance requirements

Southern States

Gainesville, Florida passes ordinance to allow a solar FiT

Western States

California CEC issues draft revisions to Emerging Renewables Program Guidebook

Idaho examines EISA ’07 requirements

Nevada opens docket to examine Solar Incentives Program

New Mexico PRC opens discussion of third-party involvement in DG programs

Other States

Alaska RCA creates dockets for net metering and interconnection; schedules public hearings

Hawaii PUC approves increase in limit of aggregate capacity for net metered systems

Miscellaneous News

Xcel Removes UEDS Requirement

DOE Issues Three Reports by Electricity Advisory Committee

Small Wind Working Group Established in Maine

“Electric Cars Should be Integrated into the Grid”

Florida RPS Draft Rule Issued

CPUC Staff Reports Solar Program Doubled

U.S. Wind Energy Grows by Record 8,300 MW in 2008

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