NEW YORK: KidWind Project Announces Design Competition

The KidWind Project is excited to announce the opening of the 2009 KidWind Challenge. This design competition seeks middle and high school students interested in testing their engineering and scientific prowess as they build the most powerful and elegant student wind turbines ever constructed.

The KidWind Project is a team of teachers, engineers and scientists committed to innovative energy education. Their goal is to promote the elegance of wind power through affordable tools and training programs that challenge, engage and inspire students of all ages. For more information and to sign up for the KidWind newsletter, click here.

KidWind Challenge is a design competition with three events around New York state in the month of May. Any middle school or high school student can enter, with adult sponsorship. Students build and test their wind turbines, and bring them to the regional test location to compete for prizes. The judges are wind engineers, and the turbines will be tested in the first ever student built portable wind tunnel. Six prizes of $100-300 will be awarded.

In an effort to help teachers and students compete in this challenge the KidWind Project is offering, on a first come, first serve basis, basic wind turbine materials at a subsidized cost. To register, or for more information, contact KidWind.

Source: KidWind


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