Small Wind Certification Council Launches Website

The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) launched a web site that gives information on the organization and its planned certification programs. The site has information about SWCC, its mission, history, staff, funders and board. In addition, the site has information for manufacturers and consumers related to the certification of small wind turbines. The certification program is under development. As SWCC policies, applications, and other information is developed, it will be posted to the web site. People can sign up for email alerts as more information becomes available.

SWCC, as an independent certification body, will certify that small wind turbines meet or exceed the performance, durability, and safety requirements of the Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard. This certification will provide a common North American standard for reporting turbine energy and sound performance, and help small wind technology gain mainstream acceptance. SWCC expects to begin certifying turbines later in 2009.


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