Michigan Issues Final NM/IC Order; IREC Provides Beneficial Comments

A recent ruling by Michigan’s Public Service Commission on net metering and interconnection credited IREC for a one word change that will make a big difference. Quoting the Commission’s March 18 order:

“IREC comments that the proposed definition of ‘customer-generator’ in R 460.601a(o), appears to inadvertently restrict third-party ownership of net metered facilities. IREC observes that almost half of the installed capacity of solar energy facilities in the United States is owned by third parties and that third-party ownership is vital for installations on schools, churches, government buildings, and nonprofits. IREC recommended that the word ‘owns’ be changed to ‘uses’ in R 460.601a(o), The Commission agrees and accordingly revises the definition of ‘customer generator’ in accordance with IREC’s recommendations to clarify that a customer-generator may or may not be the owner of the generating equipment.”

Representing IREC, Jason Keyes said that the small change allows third party ownership in Michigan. He notes that IREC also helped get several key net metering provisions included, bringing Michigan into the ‘B’ range using the grading criteria in Freeing the Grid.

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