NY PSC Approves Net Metering Tariffs, Adopts Changes to SIR

NEW YORK– On February 12, 2009 the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an order revising and approving changes to net metering tariffs for the six investor-owned utilities in New York. The tariff approval process will continue for utilities that did not file revised wind system tariffs. The PSC must receive proposed revisions by April 1, 2009. These changes came as a result of two energy bills that were signed into law in August 2008. Non-residential customers can now install a renewable energy system that generates up to lesser of their peak load or 2 MW at peak performance. The law also raised the limits to 25 KW from 10 KW for residential photovoltaic customers’ systems, to 500 KW from 400 KW for farm waste systems, and to 500 KW from 125 KW for residential farm wind systems. The limit for residential wind systems remained unchanged at 25 KW. For more information, visit the PSC docket search website and search for cases 08-E-1305, 08-E-1306, 08-E-1307, 08-E-1308, 08-E-1309, and 08-E-1310 (Note that it may be difficult to access these documents if you use Internet Explorer as your web browser. Mozilla Firefox seems to work better.)

The PSC also issued an order on February 13, adopting changes to the state’s Standard Interconnection Requirements (SIR). The incorporated changes, as required by energy bills passed in 2008, provide for an expedited application process, an update to UL 1741 (November 2005 revision), and elimination of the external disconnect switch for systems 25 kW and under. Within 90 days, utilities are required to file a report with the PSC, identifying plans, schedules, and proposed actions for implementing a web-based interconnection application process for customers with systems sized 25 kW and below. Con Edison had previously proposed that certified inverter-based systems, sized from 25 kW up to 200 kW, should be included in the expedited SIR application process. The PSC ruled that this provision would enhance the efficient operation of the SIR process and incorporated it into the SIR. Refer to the docket search, case 08-E-1018 for more details.


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