We Energies launches new PV incentive program

We Energies Carl Siegrist tells us that the new program features an upfront payment of $.75 per kilowatt-hour for the first year’s expected AC generation for system sizes of 1.5 kW-DC to 100 kW-DC. Generation will be determined by using Focus on Energy’s estimated annual solar production calculation (see below for an outline of additional basic information). To download program details and an application (be sure to read both), click here. Customer incentives are provided from We Energies Renewable Energy Development (RED) Program.

Non-profit, school, and government customers may additionally apply for a different grant under another We Energies program.

Links to all We Energies renewable energy and energy efficiency information can be found by following the appropriate links.

Complete details on the program can be found by clicking here.

We Energies Solar Electric Photovoltaic Expected Performance-Based Buy-Down Program

1. The incentive will be $.75 per kWh for the first year of expected AC generation.

2. The generation will be determined by using the Focus On Energy estimated annual solar electric production.

3. Eligible systems: grid-tied solar electric photovoltaic (PV) 1.5 to 100 kW-DC.

5. Second meter will be required to be connected on the line side of the electric service as it is required in the “Solar Buy Back Rate” program (this program is now full but accepting applications on a waiting list in the event some approved systems do not get installed).

6. These systems are net metered – keep in mind there is a 20 kW maximum to get the retail rate credit for any excess energy exported to the grid. For any excess generation from a system larger than 20 kW other issues come into play, for example rate tariff CGS-1 would be applicable over 20 kW.

7. We Energies will own all the renewable energy attributes (RECs) from the generation for the first ten years of production.

8. All systems must be installed and interconnected within one year of date of acceptance of the program agreement.

9. This incentive program is limited to the first 500 kW-DC with accepted program agreements.

10. All installations must comply with Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter PSC 119 for interconnecting distributed generation facilities.

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