NORTH CAROLINA: Tyrell and Hyde Counties Adopt Wind Ordinances

Tyrrell County, located in northeastern North Carolina, adopted a wind ordinance in 2009 to regulate the use of wind energy facilities in the unincorporated areas of the county. Hyde County had adopted a similar ordinance late in 2008. The ordinances are substantially similar to the model wind ordinance drafted by the North Carolina Wind Working Group, and establishes parameters for the permitting process, height restrictions, minimum setbacks, noise and shadow flicker, installation and design, and decommissioning of retired systems.

For the purposes of this ordinance, wind energy facilities are classified as “small” if they consist of a single wind turbine with a rated generating capacity of 20 kilowatts (kW) or less, “medium” if one or more wind energy facilities have a total rated capacity of more than 20 kW but not greater than 100 kW, “large” if they have a total rated capacity of more than 100 kW but less than 999 kW, utility scale if they have a rated capacity of 1 MW or greater.

Source: DSIRE


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