NYSERDA Releases Statewide Map of EE & RE Training Facilities

NYSERDA has just released a new brochure showing energy efficiency and renewable energy training facilities in NYS.

The brochure is well laid out, listing the current 32 facilities alphabetically, showing those that are currently offering clean energy training programs, as well as those that are developing offerings. It’s easy to see which facility offers classes in which technology, and ISPQ- accredited facilities are also indicated.

Training a green workforce to install clean energy technologies and energy efficiency improvements is a top priorty for NYSERDA. New York State has set ambitious statewide goals for becoming more energy efficiency and using cleaner, renewable energy.

Though there is a cluster of training opportunities downstate, training facilities are scattered throughout the State.

To address the need for more locations, NYSERDA’s recent Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 1286: Clean Energy Technology Training, Accreditation, & Certification PON closed on April 15, 2009, inviting proposals that would “…facilitate workforce education in the area of emerging clean energy technologies, specifically large (wholesale) wind and anaerobic digester training throughout New York’s System Benefits Charge utility territories. Funding is also available for clean energy training in New York City for photovoltaics, customer-sited wind, fuel cells, solar thermal and geothermal energy technologies.”

Awardees have not yet been announced.

The brochure is available in hard copy from NYSERDA;, the online version can be downloaded.

For more information about this NYSERDA resource, contact Vicki Colello.


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