DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Program’s FOA: Solar America Cities-Technical Outreach

Through this FOA, DOE intends to select one or more partner organizations to provide a maximum number of local governments with actionable information that will enable them to accelerate solar energy deployment. The selected Recipient(s) will proactively address the solar-related information needs of significant local markets, as well as provide a mechanism by which individual local governments can receive and share timely information on solar energy. The goal is to reach multiple levels of local government stakeholders through this activity, such as Mayors and city council members, county officials, sustainability and environmental staff, and planners. Other relevant audiences may include local businesses, utilities, schools, and relevant non-profit organizations. DOE intends to be substantially involved in the activities conducted through this FOA, and will work closely with the awardee(s) to promote the best possible outcomes.

This project will provide comprehensive outreach to local governments to help them build sustainable solar infrastructures and expand their solar markets. The project will help accelerate solar energy deployment by proactively addressing the needs of local governments for technical information and guidance, focusing on many areas such as policies and regulations, financial incentives, training, and community engagement.

The FOA opened on June 24, 2009. Closing date for proposals is October 15, 2009. FOA#: DE-FOA-0000086

The maximum funding for the first phase of each project, which is 3 years, is $6 million. Maximum funding for the second phase, which is 2 years, is $4.5 million.

For more information, see the full solicitation.

Additional Information:

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