CANADA: Ontario Seeks Small Wind Vendors

Ontario recently set aside an initial $120 million to implement renewable energy projects in schools and social housing. This funding is expected to be just the start of a concerted plan to jumpstart adoption of renewable energy technologies throughout all public sector infrastructure in the province, and to spur burgeoning private sector interest as well. Planned infrastructure stimulus funding will be available for small scale renewable projects including small wind.

Through this investment, Ontario hopes:

1. To help create green investment, manufacturing and job creation opportunities in Ontario; and

2. To lower future energy operating costs in the public sector facilities by financially assisting in the installation of renewable energy technologies for heating, cooling or generating electricity.

There are sales and manufacturing opportunities for renewable energy technology manufacturers and suppliers. Ontario is particularly interested in hearing from companies interested in establishing new or expanding existing manufacturing and service facilities in the province. As a first step, they are seeking interested companies to respond to a Request for Information.

More information on the request for information is available at the government procurement website: In order to respond to the Request for Information, and to receive any additional information companies need to sign up to Merx. The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 11th, 2009.

Source: CanWEA


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