New York adds CHP, fuel cells to list of eligible net metering technologies

NEW YORK– On August 26, Governor Patterson signed AB 2442 into law. This bill adds residential micro-CHP systems and fuel cells to the list of current eligible technologies that can be net metered. Unlike other systems which are subject to net metering, however, in the event a micro-CHP or fuel cell customer-generator produces more electricity than they can use during a billing period, the customer will be credited for any excess only at the utility’s avoided cost rate.

On August 20, The New York State Public Service Commission announced that approximately $95 million will be made available under the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) program to develop large-scale renewable energy projects, including wind, biomass, and run-of-river hydroelectric projects. The RPS program, administered for the Commission by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), is currently designed to increase the amount of electricity used by retail consumers in New York State derived from renewable resources to 25 percent by 2013.

To date, New York’s RPS program has resulted in the construction and operation of approximately 1,200 MW of new wind capacity, with another 2,000 MW proposed. The RPS program, through Main Tier procurements, has also increased the penetration of hydroelectric, biomass and biogas resources. In the customer-sited tier, the RPS program has notably resulted in more than 1,500 applications for photovoltaic installations, resulting in an expected installed capacity of more than 15 MW.


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