October 2009 IREC “Connecting to the Grid” Newsletter

Editor:  Laurel Varnado

NC Solar Center, NC State University


The Connecting to the Grid newsletter is published electronically every month by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) and the North Carolina Solar Center at North Carolina State University.  This is a free publication.  Click here to subscribe.


While customer-sited net metering and interconnection are primarily state issues, they are also becoming important on a regional basis.    This newsletter has been designed to capture any subtle, emerging regional trends.  The state news is presented in geographic categories, primarily because the standard NERC and/or RTO/ISO regions do not always align with state boundaries. Please direct comments and questions about the newsletter to Laurel Varnado at lavarnad@ncsu.edu.

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Note from the Editor – Interconnection Policies, by the Numbers

Last month we looked at a general overview of net metering and I thought it only fair to give interconnection policies their share of the spotlight this month.  Let’s begin with some numbers:

  • Three states adopted a standard for the first time in 2009.
  • Eleven states have enacted or adopted revisions in their interconnection policies in 2009.
  • Thirteen states allow interconnections to networks.
  • Twenty states plus D.C. have 3 or more technical screens process applications.
  • Forty-one states have an interconnection standard, guidelines or working draft rules in place.

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State News in Detail

Northeast States

Maine PUC deliberating over community renewable energy act

Massachusetts DPU to hold public hearing on utilities’ proposed NM/IC tariffs

NY DPS will hold technical conference on the state’s RPS program; Governor announces release of funding for solar projects

Vermont PSB issues order setting interim standard offer prices for renewable energy

Mid-Atlantic States

New Jersey BPU announces solicitation results from solar financing program

Midwestern States

Indiana report released detailing renewable energy potential in the state

Iowa IUB uses Illinois’ interconnection standards as a starting point for IC rulemaking

Kansas KCC seeking clarity on net metering/interconnection rulemaking

Michigan PSC seeking comments on interconnection proposal

Nebraska PPD receives renewable energy proposals

Wisconsin PSC continues work on the Advanced Renewables Tariff

Southern States

New Orleans City Council raises system size caps for commercial facilities

Tennessee’s Volunteer State Solar Initiative approved by DOE

Western States

Arizona’s ACC allows SolarCity to enter into PPA with school district

California governor signs net metering, feed-in tariff laws

Idaho’s RMP seeks discount on avoided cost payment to wind generators

Oregon PUC approves interconnection forms and agreements for systems up to 10 MW

Utah PSC working on rulemaking for interconnection up to 20 MW

Other States

Hawaii PUC finalizes feed-in tariff decision

Miscellaneous News

New Jersey Leads Nation in Solar Energy per Square Mile

Toward better solar cells: Chemists gain control of light-harvesting paths

Gov. Schwarzenegger and Secretary Salazar Sign MOU

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