D.C. PSC issues proposed rulemaking for net metering

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – On October 2, the D.C. Public Service Commission issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for net metering. This Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) replaces the prior NOPR for the proposed rules, which were published in the D.C. Register on April 3, 2009. These rules are in accordance with the Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008, which specified that net metering must be available to customer-generators with systems up to 1 MW in size. 

The NOPR specifies that customers with systems up to 100 kW, whether they receive a standard offer service (SOS) or obtain energy from a competitive electricity supplier, may receive full retail credit for excess kWhs supplied to the grid, with indefinite rollover of those credits.  Systems between 100 kW and 1 MW are also eligible for net metering although it appears the value of net metering credits may somewhat be negotiated between utility and customer-generator.


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