IREC updates website; now find reports, directories and program info easier

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. has just launched a redesigned website.  The home page features IREC’s six key program areas in distinctive boxes, described in easy-to-understand language, making navigation on the site easy.

IREC’s overall goal was to organize, economize and communicate who it is and what it does.

“We know what we’re talking about when we say DSIRE or ISPQ, but we’ve got to remember that many others don’t,” said Jane Weissman, IREC’s Executive Director.  “It’s easy to get caught up in industry-ruled acronym speak.  We want to make sure our content is well understood and our visitors find what they’re looking for easily.  It’s not a scavenger hunt.”

The newly designed site describes IREC’s key program areas, features news, both IREC-centric and other renewable energy news.  IREC’s reports, like its recent model Net Metering Rules, Interconnection Procedures, Connecting to the Grid (6th Edition) and its 2009 Updates and Trends Report, are now in one place.  Directories for university courses in renewable energy and providers of renewable energy training are map-based and searchable by state, technology or both.


For the next 72 hours, you can download any IREC report without having to fill out this form again!

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