North Carolina to develop REC tracking system

NORTH CAROLINA – On October 19, the North Carolina Utilities Commission issued a request for proposals for the development of a Renewable Energy Tracking System (NC-RETS).  As part of Senate Bill 3 (2007), the NCUC was charged with developing “procedures to track and account for Renewable Energy Certificates, including ownership of Renewable Energy Certificates [RECs] that are derived from a customer owned renewable energy facility.”

The overall purposes of NC-RETS are to track compliance relative to the State’s REPS requirements and to ensure against double-counting of RECs. NC-RETS will be required to track each individual Electric Power Supplier’s compliance against its individual statutory requirements, as well as its contribution toward the statewide aggregate requirements for swine and poultry waste resources.  NC-RETS will be able to facilitate the transfer of RECs to and from the REC tracking system operated by ERCOT, the PJM-GATS system, the North American Renewables Registry and the M-RETS system. It is important to note that this is not a trading platform, only a tracking system.



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