Presentations Available from IREC’s 2009 Annual Meeting

Presentations from IREC’s Annual Meeting in Anaheim on Monday, October 26 are now available.

The Day Ahead:   Jane Weissman, Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc.

2009 IREC Trends and Updates Report

News from DSIRE:  Rusty Haynes, Brian Lips, Amanda Zidek-Vanega and Amy Heinemann/

Interconnection & Net Metering:  IREC’s legal team of Joe Wiedman, Kevin Fox and Jason Keyes

New IREC Report: Connecting to the Grid Guide (6thEdition). Laurel Varnado and Mike Sheehan

U.S. Solar Market Trends. Larry Sherwood

Workforce Development.  Jane Weissman, Brian Hurd and Pat Fox

Federal workforce activities.  Mark Frickel, U.S. DOE

Solar America Board for Codes and Standards (Solar ABCs).  Kevin Lynn, (U.S. DOE), and Keith McAllister, North Carolina Solar Center.


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