ISPQ Gaining Traction: record number of applications for renewable energy training programs accreditation and certified instructors

by Jane Weissman

IREC is the North American Licensee for the ISPQ Accreditation of Renewable Energy Training Programs and the Certification of Instructors.

A busy 2009 comes to a close.

We saw record growth for IREC’s credentialing programs in 2009.  Forty-five applications were submitted during the past 12 months for ISPQ credentials.  Twenty candidates were awarded accreditation or certification in 2009.  There are 27 applications currently under audit.

IREC has a talented pool of registered auditors who meticulously review each application.  Depending on the designation and the completeness of the application, it can take anywhere from a few months to six or seven months to go through the audit and ruling process.  Some designations require only a desk audit; others require both a desk and an on-site audit.

How are we handling this growth?

Pat Fox joined the IREC Team in July 2009 bringing years of upper-level management and strategic expertise.  Pat is the Director of Operations for the ISPQ credentialing programs.  She also manages IREC’s other workforce development activities.   Halina Snyder, IREC’s ISPQ Administrator, continues to process applications and annual reporting requirements.  Additional subject matter experts have been added to the pool of ISPQ Registered Auditors and we’ll be putting out a call for new auditor applications to join our team early in 2010.

A record number of ISPQ applications were submitted in 2009.

The Institute for Sustainable Power (ISP)

Since 2005, IREC has been offering renewable energy training programs and instructors credentials using the Institute for Sustainable Power’s Quality (ISPQ) International Standard 01021. This Standard sets forth requirements for curriculum, facilities, resources, tools, and safety.  It requires trainers and program staff to have appropriate experience, defined job descriptions, and adequate training to perform their jobs competently.  It describes the ethical and practical requirements for candidates, including commitments to confidentiality, non-discrimination, quality, and professionalism. 

The Institute for Sustainable Power will be releasing a revised and expanded international standard early in 2010 – ISPQ International Standard 01022.  Watch for more information soon on the new designations and requirements.

In 2009, ISP welcomed Jack Werner as its new Executive Director.  Jack is busy transferring ISP operations from Colorado to Washington, DC and is working with the other ISPQ International Licensees and international organizations.  Jack brings a strong credentialing background to ISP.  He is a Qualified Assessor/Auditor for the American National Standards Institute and a registered ISPQ Auditor.  Jack’s past Board affiliations include the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners and the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation.

What people are saying about IREC’s ISPQ Credentials

The safest way to find top-notch training is to choose a training program accredited and certified by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc.’s Institute for Sustainable Power Quality (IREC ISPQ). Certified programs have met the council’s stringent guidelines for appropriate curriculum and experienced trainers. Jeff Spies, Training Director for AEE Solar

it is imperative that the instructors that train solar practitioners also be qualified and that there be a process for the instructors to be certified.  The ISPQ certification is that process. Michael Kuhn, Imagine Solar

IREC, utilizing the Institute for Sustainable Power Quality’s guidelines, will ensure that HVCC’s facilities, practices, safety measures, and teachers meet the highest industry standards. Joe Sarubbi, Hudson Valley Community College

Be sure to get the real deal…

Along with the ISPQ credentials gaining traction as a viable validation of training and the knowledge and skills being taught, we have started to see a number of ISPQ mark infringements.  Unfortunately,  the ISPQ mark has been taken and used by a handful of training organizations that have not received ISPQ accreditation.  These are serious violations of our intellectual property, the ISPQ rules, and Mark Use Policy, and if not corrected immediately, IREC takes legal action.

When looking for an accredited or certified training provider, be sure that they have their ISPQ credentials.  IREC maintains an up-to-date listing of all ISPQ Awardees in North America.

We suggest that any student looking for ISPQ accredited training check this list or contact us at


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