WISCONSIN: High School posts energy savings from school turbine on website

Wausau East High School in Wausau, Wisconsin, was given a very generous gift of a Northwind 100 wind turbine by the Walter Alexander Foundation to inspire and motivate students to study renewable energy.  Lauren Ebbecke, Science Teacher at WEHS, also received a wind energy opportunity grant from Focus on Energy to fund installation of this turbine.  The Northwind provides about 5% of the power for Wausau East High School, saving about $14,000 each year in electricity bills.

An online graphic shows real-time stats on the turbine, including wind speed and direction, turbine power, as well as total energy saved, the equivalent CO2 savings and pollution offset by the turbine.   The wind turbine and the online graphics will provide students with a unique learning experience as all K-12 students will have access to real-time data on wind speed and energy output, gaining practical understanding of renewable energy and power generation.

In addition, a one-minute video of the installation can be viewed here.
Source:  Seventh Generation Energy


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