Arizona ACC issues order on third-party sales

ARIZONA On December 23, the Arizona Corporation Commission issued an order under Docket No. E-20690A-09-0346, regarding the regulation of third party arrangements for two school districts in Arizona.

The order officially approved the rate range that had been proposed for the agreements between the Solarcity Corporation and the Scottsdale Unified School District for PV projects at Coronado High School and Desert Mountain High School.  This range was approved as a special rate that could range from $0.11/kWh to $.1424/kWh.

The order also approved a rate of $0.09 per kWh for the Desert Mountain High School Solar Service Agreement and the Coronado High School Solar Service Agreement.  This rate may be also adjusted upward to a maximum of $0.1424 per kWh, pursuant the Solar Service Agreement’s rebate-variance provision.

ACC Staff is currently proposing that the ACC regulate retail solar PPAs, including a review and cost-benefit analysis of each solar PPA proposed in the state.  A final ruling has yet to be determined on this issue.


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