Connecticut utilities issue recommendations for interconnecting to networks

CONNECTICUTOn December 10, 2009, Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating submitted their final report and proposed revisions on the development of standards for interconnection to area networks (in compliance with Order No. 4 from the DPUC’s December 5, 2007 decision in Docket 03-01-15RE01). On December 23 the DPUC reopened the docket to consider implementing the proposed revisions in Docket 03-01-15RE02, DPUC Investigation into the Need for Interconnection Standards for Distributed Generation – Area Network Interconnection Standards.

The final report generally concludes that interconnection of inverter based systems should be allowed on area networks, based on their screening process, but interconnection of synchronous and induction machines should not be allowed. They propose limiting the amount of inverter based interconnections to 3-4% of the network transformer capacity.



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