Revised ISPQ Standard to be Released Soon

Changes will ensure quality and consistency in renewable energy training

In late October 2009, the Institute for Sustainable Power, Board of Directors approved an updated version of the ISPQ (Institute for Sustainable Power Quality) Standard.  Since then,  IREC has been working tirelessly to revise all of the documents and processes related to the ISPQ Accreditation & Certification Programs.

As the North American regional licensee of the ISPQ International Standard 01022 for the Accreditation and Certification for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and distributed generation training providers, IREC is responsible for the full accreditation and certification cycle.  This includes processing applications, assigning registered auditors, awarding the credential, and maintaining all records of applicants, candidates and award recipients.

IREC is delighted to be preparing for the new ISPQ Standard 01022, as there are some very important revisions that have been included.  Three significant changes which are incorporated in the new Standard are:

  • Designation for Independent Instructor Certification.  This will open the door for instructors who are not affiliated with an ISPQ accredited provider to seek certification.
  • Requirements for online courses.  Currently IREC offers guidelines to assist in the development of high quality online courses.  Once ISPQ Standard 01022 is in use, there will be specific requirements included in the application for online courses.
  • Requirement for a Letter of Intent.  To help ensure that applicants are applying for the most appropriate credential and to assist with the planning process, each candidate will submit a Letter of Intent to IREC prior to submitting their application packet.

“We have seen the volume of ISPQ applications grow exponentially over the past few months,” says Pat Fox, Director of Operations for IREC, “and we see the incorporation of the new ISPQ Standard 01022 as the perfect opportunity to review and update our processes.  The addition of the new requirements and the new designation are welcome changes and will help ensure quality and consistency in the evolving world of renewable energy training.”

IREC expects to introduce the new ISPQ Standard and the related document and process changes later this quarter.  Any candidates in the process of generating an application packet should continue to use the current standard, ISPQ Standard 01021, which is available on the IREC website,, along with all associated application documents.  IREC plans to require candidates to apply using the new ISPQ Standard 01022 in the beginning of Q3 of this year.


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