American Technical Education Assn’s conference to address green workforce

Jane M. Weissman, IREC’s Executive Director, is on the agenda for the American Technical Education Association’s (ATEA) 47th National Conference on Technical Education from April 7-9, 2010 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Weissman’s presentation, Making Sure the Green Economy Doesn’t Get a Black Eye, will discuss the safeguards that need to be in place for a green sea change to be successful as it applies to renewable energy resources.

“The transition from traditional jobs to green jobs puts the pressure on for securing a competent workforce,” says Weissman.  “While we might be at the “tipping point” for this “green” transformation, there are tripping points along the way.”

Weissman’s presentation will also highlight best practices in training, and how credentialing schemes can raise the bar by setting standards.

NABCEP‘s Executive Director, Ezra Auerbach, who is also on the agenda, will talk about certification for renewable energy professionals. 

The American Technical Education Association (ATEA) is the professional organization for the postsecondary technical educator.

“We started to introduce ‘green’ into our national conference in 2008,” said Betty Krump, ATEA’s Executive Director.  “In 2009, we had a little more on the program, and with 2010, this is the first time green topics are so prominent on our agenda.  ATEA is dedicated to  all areas of post secondary technical education, but since green is such a hot topic, I wanted presentations that would help technical colleges understand and implement it correctly.”

Other green sessions on the ATEA agenda include ‘Customized Online Education: Lean & Green,’  ‘Certify Me Green,’ ‘Green Curriculum,’ and ‘Helping People to Understand the New Going Green Market.’

For conference information and a full list of the concurrent sessions, visit the ATEA website.


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