Delaware PSC Adopts Net Metering Modifications

With a publication in the January 2010 register, Delaware finalized changes to its net metering rules in accordance with a 2009 law.  These updates mainly reflect changes to provide indefinite rollover of net metering credits, revise language relating to renewable energy credits (RECs) and allow grid-integrated electric vehicles to make use of net-metering-like credits.

Notably, language added to the rule that allows customers to request payment for annual net excess generation (NEG), thereby providing a default option for the indefinite rollover of NEG.  It appears that this payment would be calculated at the utility’s Time-of-Use avoided cost rate.   If this payment would be less than $25.00, the utility may credit the customer’s account through monthly billing instead.  

Some language was also removed from the REC ownership provision but this revision left a bit of uncertainty regarding REC ownership of rollover credits. Customers maintain net metering RECs associated with energy “produced and consumed” by the customer but did not specify whether RECs are forfeited to utilities upon monthly rollover or whether they remain with the system owner. The 2009 law instead specified that the customer may retain ownership of all RECs produced by the system.

Lastly, the rules provide that customers with one or more grid grid-integrated electric vehicles may be credited in kWhs for energy discharged to the grid from the vehicle’s battery at the same kWh rate that customer pays to charge the battery from the grid, à la net-metering.


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