The New Updated ISPQ Standard 01022 Is Here

Available for your review:  ISPQ International Standard 01022

The new ISPQ Standard 01022 is being released to the IREC website today ( for review by potential accreditation or certification applicants.  Updated supporting documents such as the Candidate Handbook ISPQ Standard 01022 and applications for each designation are also available.  Effective April 1, 2010 all applications for IREC ISPQ accreditation or certification will be required to submit their application packet based on the new ISPQ Standard 01022.  Any applicant who would like to submit an application packet based on the new standard prior to April 1, 2010 (such as a candidate seeking certification as an Independent Instructor), should send a one page Letter of Intent to

The field of renewable energy training is growing and evolving.  There are more organizations and people offering training every day and the courses they deliver are evolving as well.  Some programs cover all of the skills required to become an installer, while some programs go into depth on one subset of skills.  Some instructors and trainers build their career affiliated with training organizations, while others are building a training program independently.  Some courses are delivered as intensive workshops, some as three month long academic courses, some are delivered strictly online, and some are a combination of online study with a hands-on workshop.

However they are delivered or developed, IREC understands the need to make sure we have quality training which leads to quality installations and customer acceptance.  To this end we are delighted to make available the newly updated ISPQ Standard 01022.  This revised standard includes all of the critical elements of the original ISPQ (Institute for Sustainable Power Quality) Standard and several very important additions including criteria for online courses and a new designation for Independent Instructor Certification.

The ISPQ designation offers training programs and instructors the opportunity to achieve accredited or certified status that provides evidence of quality assurance, quality improvement, and fiscal stability.  For the people in the workforce who are looking for training to help them transition their careers to the clean energy sector, the ISPQ mark serves as a signal that standards for the curriculum, student services and trainers have been met.

All organizations or individuals interested in accreditation or certification are encouraged to review the revised standard to learn the rigorous requirements for achieving this designation.  “Providing a quality assessment tool and process are key drivers for IREC as we continue to be in the forefront of ensuring a quality-trained renewable energy workforce,” stated IREC’s Jane Weissman.   “The ISPQ standard provides a strong foundation for this initiative.”


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