DSIRE Adds PPAs to its list of Summary Maps

The DSIRE database features color-coded summary maps of certain financial incentives and regulatory policies that promote renewable energy in U.S. states.  DSIRE makes these maps available as PowerPoint slides for easy incorporation into presentations and reports.  The newest map to make the list at #13:   states that allow third-party solar power PPA’s.

I asked the DSIRE team why PPA’s were added to its summary maps list.

“It seems that over the last year we have been getting a higher percentage of questions about the availability of 3rd party power purchase agreements (PPA),” said Amanda Vanega Project Coordinator at DSIRE.  “The 3rd party PPA has been cited as the business model that lead to”virtually all” larger and mid-size non-residential installations in 2008 (see Larry Sherwood IREC U.S. Solar Market Trends 2008 Report).

The DSIRE team collaborated on this map with IREC’s legal team of Keyes and Fox.

“We would not have attempted this without K&F’s specialized knowledge on the issue of 3rd party PPAs,” said Vanega. “They have written on this issue in briefings and cases for public utility commissions as well as in reports and presentations across the U.S., so we consolidated and repackaged their information. Keyes & Fox reviewed the map and provided comments. Actually, we hope to continue to rely on them going forward for updates to the map as they continue to their important work in the U.S.”

The new map, which is available on the DSIRE site, will be updated regularly.


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