Town of Massena, NY to Allow Net Metering

On March 31 the Massena, New York, Electric Utility Board voted unanimously to create a net metering policy and standardized interconnection requirements for customers who install PV or small wind turbines sized up to 15 kW.  The utility said it will need to install net meters to measure power flowing back and forth at a given property, the cost of which will be passed on to customers who request them.  Under the utility’s plan, a solar or wind installation would have to meet certain requirements set by the Massena Electric Department (MED) and would be subject to rigorous testing before it could be hooked up to the grid. MED will also need the permission of the Public Service Commission before installing any of the meters or allowing anyone to begin to net meter their systems. The utility said it will also have to upgrade some of its infrastructure to handle the additional energy and to protect line workers from being harmed by the additional electricity. Officials said it would be at least three months before the net metering program is up and running.

Source: Watertown Daily Times


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