Correction: No IC Moratorium in Massachusetts, Only the Possiblity of Additional Reviews

Last month we reported that representatives of National Grid (NGrid) and NSTAR indicated that their companies, as well as Western Massachusetts Electric Company and Fitchburg Gas and Electric, were considering a moratorium on interconnecting certain renewable generating facilities.  This news was generated from a poorly-worded slide presented at a Wind Working Group meeting.  The slide has since been changed to this effect:


  • Likely will only allow up to  2 MWs on a 13 kV feeder until power quality review is complete and analysis shows that the voltage will not be affected either thru additional energy storage equipment on site or thru dedicated circuits.


  •   Projects beyond 2 MWs on a 13 kV feeder may require additional power quality review to ensure that power quality (voltage) will not be affected.  Such concerns may result in requiring either additional energy storage equipment on site or dedicated circuits, which may have significant impact on the economic viability of a project.


In other words, there have been no changes in interconnection policies in Massachusetts.  The utilities were only noting the potential for additional studies for certain interconnections if the utility suspects power quality may be at risk.


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