IREC at ASES 10: catch them on video

Several members of IREC’s team were interviewed by our friends at Renewable Energy World in Phoenix at ASES 10.

PACE Programs Picking Up Steam But Issues Remain
Amy Heinemann from the North Carolina Solar Center talks about how PACE funding programs work and the issues that remain in getting states and municipalities to take advantage of the program.

Community Solar Updates
Joe Wiedman with Keyes and Fox gives an update on the progress of community solar projects and legislation.

You can also see Team IREC’s presentations from ASES 10:

The Many Flavors of Net Metering: Regional Trends (Laurel Varnado, IREC/North Carolina Solar Center)

Community Renewables: Best Practices, Issues and Solutions (Joseph Wiedman, IREC/Keyes & Fox, LLP)

Valuing Solar Through Market Diversity (Laurel Varnado, IREC/North Carolina Solar Center)

U.S. Solar Market Trends (Sherwood Associates and IREC) (Abstract)

Jumping on the PACE Financing Train: The Little Policy That Could (Amy Heinemann, North Carolina Solar Center)

Solar in the Stimulus: An Analysis of State Energy Program Spending: Sizing up State Programs (Ty Gorman, North Carolina Solar Center/DSIRE)


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