IREC at ASES: catch them live

If you’re headed to ASES for its national conference this month, you’ll find IREC on several panels.  If you’re working on your calendar of must attend sessions, consider these (check the final agenda for room numbers):

Wed 5/19

Technical session on market analysis (Kevin Fox moderates)
Case Studies in Community Solar (Joe Wiedman)

Meeting workforce challenges: a look at national and state action (Pat Fox moderates; Jane Weissman presents)
The many flavors of net metering: a tasting menu of successful solar policies (Kevin Fox, Laurel Varnado)

Thurs 5/20

Certification: getting it right (Pat Fox and Jane Weissman)
Jumping on the PACE financing train: the little policy that could (Amy Heinemann moderates)
Strategic Values of Distributed Generated Electricity from Photovoltaics (Laurel Varnado)

4:00-5:30:  Sizing up state programs (Amanda Vanega and Ty Gorman)

Fri 5/21

Wholesale distributed generation: the next big thing (Kevin Fox)

US solar market trends (Larry Sherwood)
Utility issues and opportunities (Jason Keyes moderates)


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