Connecticut Debates Expanding Net Metering Rule

The Connecticut DPUC continues to work toward the possibility of allowing a utility customer to combine meters for the purpose of offsetting energy use at multiple locations with a single distributed generation system.  Known as meter aggregation, this rule could, for example, allow a town to combine the utility bills of a library, town hall, school, etc…, install one large PV system and net meter energy use at those designated locations. The exact details are yet unknown but the DPUC expects to have a decision on this matter by the end of June. The rule is being decided under docket 10-03-13.

On May 19, 2010, the DPUC determined that this decision should not be limited only to renewable facilities, but should be open to non-renewable generation as well.

If this decision passes and meter aggregation is allowed in the state, Connecticut will join the ranks of its neighboring states that allow some form of net-metering expansion.  Currently Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island all allow an expanded version of net metering that transcends the one-customer, one-meter definition of traditional net metering.

Background: On March 23, 2010, the DPUC established, on its own motion, a declaratory ruling proceeding.  The Department was recently asked to issue a declaratory ruling as to the applicability of net metering regarding the aggregation of electric meters in Docket No. 10-02-20, Declaratory Ruling for the Town of Willington Net Metering Aggregation Request, and Docket No. 09-11-04, Declaratory Ruling for the Town of Weston Net Metering Aggregation Request, among others.  In Docket 09-11-04, the parties settled and the Town of Weston withdrew its declaratory ruling petition.  In Docket No. 10-02-20, the Department determined that any rulings the Department issued concerning the Town of Willington’s Petition might have broad implications affecting other customers of The Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P) and the United Illuminating Company (UI), and therefore, it would be better to examine the issues raised by the Town of Willington and other net metering issues in a broader and more generic proceeding.  Accordingly, the Department established the instant docket (10-03-13) and transferred the Town of Willington’s petition into this proceeding.


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