Florida Sees a Growing Trend in Customer-Sited Renewables

In late May the Florida PSC lauded the growing number of customer-sited renewable energy systems in the state, citing favorable net metering and interconnection rules as a contributing factor. According to electric utility reports filed with the PSC, 1,590 customers owned renewable energy systems in 2009, up from 537 in 2008.  Statewide, electric generation capacity from customer-owned systems has reached approximately 13,236 kilowatts.

While the PSC rules only apply to investor-owned utilities, customers of municipal utilities and cooperatives also have an incentive to generate their own renewable electricity.  Every Florida municipal and cooperative that sells electricity at retail is required, by statute, to provide a standardized interconnection agreement and net metering program for customer-owned renewable generation systems.

Most customer-owned renewable generation in Florida is from solar photovoltaic panels; however, eight customers have wind turbines and one has an anaerobic digester. 

Florida’s utilities reported the following information on customer-owned renewable generation for 2008 and 2009.

  # of customer-owned renewable systems  

kW Capacity

  2008 2009 2008 2009  
IOU 383 1,044 1,761 7,903  
Municipal 137 313 797 3,378  
Rural Electric Cooperative 57 265 272 1,955  
TOTAL 537 1,590 2,830 13,236  


Source: Florida PSC Press Release


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