D.C. PSC Issues Final Net Metering Order

On June 11, 2010 the DC PSC adopted final rules to comply with the Clean and Affordable Energy Act (CAEA) of 2008.  Previously net metering was allowed for systems up to 100 kW and the CAEA increased this limit to 1 MW.  With this order, net metering for systems under systems 100 kW retain full retail net metering.  Systems between 100 kW and 1 MW will be able to offset onsite energy use but any excess credits are applied as a dollar value to the customer’s next bill at the generation rate, which does not include any transmission or distribution components.  These credits may only be used to offset kilowatt hour charges on the customer’s bill.

This order was published in the June 18, 2010 D.C. Register, in the Final Rulemaking section, and is thereby effective.  Pepco, the only utility affected by this order, is required to submit a revised tariff within 30 days. Competitive electric suppliers are not required to offer net metering in D.C.

Source:  D.C. PSC Order 15837


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