New Jersey BPU Removes Hard Cap on System Size for Net Metering

In July, a net-metering rule modification became effective in New Jersey.  Previously net metering was allowed for Class 1 renewable energy generating systems up to 2 MW. This rule adoption removes the 2 MW limit on eligible net-metering systems.  In January 2010, the BPU proposed this revision around the same time that similar legislation (A.B. 3520) was enacted.  Consistent with the previous rule, however, the size of a net metering system is still limited to the amount of electricity that the customer-generator used during the previous year.

This rule was adopted June 7, 2010 and became effective July 6 when it was published in the New Jersey Register.

Source: NJ BPU Adopted Amendment N.J.A.C. 14:8-4.3(a)


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